Small steps towards BIG goals

I have no TIME! I know…

I know you are struggling with time. And I hear very often: “My family and my work takes all my time. I am overworked. No, I really can’t find any time for English…”. I know! But I also know that life is about priorities. And if improving English is one of your priorities (hope it is in the TOP 10 :-) ) than this goal needs some of your time. But don’t worry it doesn’t have to be hours a day or even a week.

It’s all about small steps towards your goal. Try to follow these easy steps:

You need a notepad Write down the date and your goal in English Find 5-20 mins a day and focus on activities which lead to your goal Write down what you learned each day - it ok if it is only 5 new words or two useful phrases or a new grammar structure (depending on your goal) Focus on what’s really important for you - the needs are so individual and so are the ways to your goal. Personalise your learning method so that it fits you :-) Check your progress and celebrate it! Yeah!

For example: my goal is to improve my vocabulary and I like watching talks on, so while watching one I use my notepad and write down some new (5-10) and useful words. After that I search for the meaning of these words and play the talk again. I focus my attention to these new words and check if I remember the meaning and understand the context. Well done! That’s it for today.

And cheers to your success in English!

Next time I will share with you my playlist of my favourite talks on TED.

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